Get ib2Yam

This is a simple ARexx program that I have written. It simply launches Yam and then runs 2 Yam commands to start up the email. If Yam is already running, this script will sense that and not try to launch Yam again.

If you like this script, don't bother to send me anything because it is too bloody simple. :)

SHIFT CLICK here to get ib2yam.rexx

Get Yam

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YAM Get YAM13_3a.lha Get YAM13_3a.lha

ib2YAM Installation

This plugin will work with the current version of Yam without any problems.

This plugin will only work for the commercial version of IBrowse, since the demo versions each have email disabled.

The instructions are in the script text, but here they are again if you need them.

Here are the installation instructions for IBrowse:

  1. Put ib2yam.rexx in your YAM:Rexx dir.
  2. Open the IBrowse Network Prefs window.
  3. Goto the Email & Telnet preferences section.
  4. Click on External under the Mailto: prefs
  5. Enter "SYS:RexxC/rx YAM:Rexx/ib2yam %h" (no quotes) in the Command string for Mailto:
  6. Click on External under the Sendmail prefs and leave the Command string blank.
  7. Click on OK, and save the IBrowse prefs.