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Mail2YAM Installation

Mail2Yam is a program which allows you to easily use YAM as the mailer for IBrowse or any other Amiga web browser.

Unfortunately, it will not work with the latest version of YAM (1.3.3a). Hopefully the author of Yam or Mail2Yam will remedy this soon.

Here are the installation instructions for IBrowse:

  1. Simply copy from this archive "c/mail2yam" to your c: directory.
  2. Then open a newcli and enter: "C:Mail2YAM prefs"
  3. Reply to each answer (it is very intuitive).
  4. Load Ibrowse and go on "Preferences" menu.
  5. Select the "Network" item.
  6. Select "E-Mail&Telnet" (last entry).
  7. In the "Mailto" box, click on "External".
  8. In the "Command:" string, type "c:mail2yam MAILTO %h" (without the quotes).
  9. In the Sendmail box, select "External" and leave an empty string.
  10. Click on OK, then save settings.