Get GMPlay

It is recommended that you get both the GMPlay distribution, and the extra samples for GMPlay.
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MIDI Player Get GMPlay13.lha Get GMPlay13.lha
MIDI Samples Get GMPlay-Samples.lha Get GMPlay-Samples.lha

GMPlay Installation

The GMPlay player will play MIDI files on any amiga.

Replace the path in the Viewer field to where you have installed GMPlay.

A useful argument to use for GMPLAY is the FREQUENCY argument. GMPlay has to mix all the tracks of the song, and the default frequency is 28867 Hz (the maximum). This requires a heavy load for some MIDI songs, and since IBrowse is also a heavy load on the computer, you might want to try an argument of "FREQUNCY 20000 %f". Try different frequencies and see what works best for you.

IBrowse Preferences: General/Ext. Viewer

MIME Type:audio/x-midi
Action:Ext. Viewer

Example Files

Island Music A nice small (3k) MIDI file to try out!


Thanks go out to Colin Thompson for sending in this mime type.