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TachySearch Installation

TachySearch is a comprehensive form that contains every major internet search engine.

To Install TachySearch, simply make a fastlink to the Search.html file on your hard drive.

Here are comprehensive instructions for installing TachySearch from the TachySearch manual.


  1. Ok, copy the TachySearch directory into the same directory your IBrowse executable is in. Don't rename any of the files or you get to edit HTML yourself.
  2. Next load up IBrowse.
  3. Go to the Preferences menu and choose 'General'.
  4. click on Fastlink.
  5. click on ADD.
  6. In the name entry fill in 'Search Engines' or whatever you want the button labled. (Hmm TachySearch might be a good button label ;')
  7. In the location entry put: 'file://localhost/path:/more/path/IBrowse/TachySearch/Search.html' (Without the quotes and substitue in your path where you keep IBrowse.)
  8. click on OK
  9. Go to the preferences menu item again and choose SAVE SETTINGS.
  10. There should now be a 'Search Engines' fastlink button, click on it and make sure it loads the search page. If not, sell your computer cause this was so easy even a monkey could have done it properly the first time. Ok you could try reading thru this and having another go at it first I guess.
To use it, well, just choose your search engine and type in your search keywords and hit return.

Thanks to the author Christopher A. Gaul (the author) for pointing out this great plugin!