Get unrealaudio

Unrealaudio and all the required support files. You will also need ixemul.library.
Readmeftp.wustl.eduAminet Global File Server
unrealaudio Player Get unrealaudio.lha Get unrealaudio.lha
FIFO Device Get fifolib38_2.lha Get fifolib38_2.lha
Audio Handler Get Audio-Handler.lha Get Audio-Handler.lha
TBreak Get TBreak.lha Get TBreak.lha

unrealaudio Installation

The unrealaudio player can stream audio to your computer and play it back to you as you receive it.

It is actually rather easy to install if you follow the instructions in the archive closely, and install all the other tools required.

The Arguments field of the table below assumes that you have installed unrealaudio.rexx in your Amiga's Rexx: directory.

IBrowse Preferences: General/Ext. Viewer

MIME Type:audio/x-gsm
Extension:gsm gsd
Action:Ext. Viewer
Arguments:rexx:unrealaudio.rexx %f