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Portable Document Format Viewer Get xpdf2c.lha Get xpdf2c.lha
You will also need viewpdf.lha (Use shift-click to download). This AmigaDOS script was provided by Francis Labrie and should be placed in S:.

xpdf Installation

xpdf will display Portable Document Format (also known as Adobe Acrobat format) on any Amiga.

The Viewer field in the table below assumes that you installed ViewPDF in the S: directory of your Amiga. ViewPDF assumes that you have installed the xpdf executable in SYS:Utilities/xpdf.

IBrowse Preferences: General/Ext. Viewer

MIME Type:application/pdf
Action:Ext. Viewer


Thanks go out to Francis Labrie for sending in this mime type and providing the ViewPDF script.