The #AmigaCafe Logos Homepage!

Ok...why was this page created? Well, mainly because a lot of #AmigaCafe regulars put a lot of work into creating logos for the original #AmigaCafe homepage (including me - Shape). So I thought that their work s hould be recognized. Thus this page was created. :)
So, on with the logo viewing! I apologise because I dont know everyone that created thes logos, only that I had them all sitting on my harddrive.
Shape's IronDuck's PhilK's
I don't know yet's I don't know yet's I don't know yet's
Beej's FritZ's

Well, I hope you like these. The people that did them are really talented artists (not me, however ;).

As well, I would like to acknowledge IronDuck's work on the rest of the graphics for the original #AmigaCafe homepage. He spent many hours on them.

If you want to tell me that you did one of these logos, or have one to add to the list, then email me at: and I will then make the needed changes!

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