Dynamic Hosting

If you are involved in running your own company, you certainly know that a changing email, or web page address is NOT a good thing. Most small companies haven't the resources to have their own T1 installed, or have their own domain name set up.. and if they do, it becomes very expensive for them.

Many providers will try to milk the small business client, putting many services beyond your reach... but there is good news. First of all, I can set up a domain name for you. I can help you register it, and get everything up and running. This domain name will be in YOUR name.. not mine, and therefore, you have security! You have the ability, at any time, to change who is hosting your domain. This, in the least, should give you some assurance that I'm not here to hold you hostage ;) You do have cards of your own.

This being the case, I'll tell you what I can do for you. I can :

1) Help you register your own domain
2) Host your domain. While I won't provide web pages for you, I will POINT your domain name to wherever you want. This way, you can stay with your current internet provider, and if you are forced/need to change, your web page address will STAY WITH YOU.
3) I can redirect your email as well! In fact, I can even make a small business appear big ;) I can set up you with multiple email addresses (such as support@yourname.ca, and tech@yourname.ca), and they will all go to one email address, or as many as you want, in whatever order! This way, if you expand down the road, you already have your customers used to responding to email addresses that you want them to!
4) If you so desire, and you want to be able to telnet into your own machine, to do work at home, not to worry! With the dynamic host service, you can always reach your work/home machine, since the address will be updated every time you go online!

There are MANY other applications for the above services, but let me assure you, if your business is on a dial up account, there is something I can do for you! If you think that you will ever change providers down the road, let me assist you! Let me help you in keeping a CONSTANT email address, and web page address, so your customers will always be in touch!

Send me an email, at the address below, and I can work out a quote for whatever service you need... E-Mail support@L8R.net