Dynamic Hosting

A bit about dynamic hostname :

Most users on the internet have dynamic IP addresses and hostnames. This means that for most people, their hostname keeps changing, so if you want to offer web pages, ftp, or anything from your computer, or even host a simple game of Quake or QuakeII, you have to contact people first, letting them know what your host is.

With the Dynamic Hostname service, you can easily and quickly have your chosen hostname mapped to your IP when you log in. For example, you could have John.l8r.net mapped to your ip, if you so desire (and it hasn't been taken ;). This mapping takes about one minute to happen, after you run the client. Also, if you desire another hostname, like John.net, we can do that for you as well. Basically, we can map any hostname that you want to your ip when you log in!

This service is just leaving beta testing now, and there will be a 2 week trial period for all those who want to test this service before paying for it. At the end of the 2 weeks, the host will be killed if payment hasn't been received. This service will cost you $25 CDN / year. This is nothing, compared to the $100 most providers charge, and even worse, some providers force you to get a dedicated line to have a static hostname, costing $1000's/year! All in all, $25 is not a bad price to pay, for constant, reliable service.

I can be reached at the address below, questions.
E-Mail support@L8R.net