Dynamic Hosting

Like most people, you have probably had more than one internet provider in the past. Changing providers can be annoying (to say the least), and having to get your new email address into as many hands as you can is very important, but sometimes impossible. If you have business cards printed, or if you are an individual, you will find that suddenly all your mailing lists, and contacts, are cut off.

Guess what (bet you saw this coming ;).. we can help! We can set you up with a email address, like bob@l8r.net. If you change providers, we can simply point this address to your new provider! No more lost or bounced email, when your friends or family try to reach you... no more worried Mom! Don't you owe that much to her at least ;)

This will cost you $25 CDN/year, or only $15 extra with either a dynamic host or dynamic web acccount. How about all 3 for $60? Use the handy reg form, or get in touch with us below!
E-Mail support@L8R.net