Dynamic Hosting

Welcome to Dynamic Hosting's homepage! I'm sure that we've got something to suit your needs, and if not, we'll work on it ;). Please browse around, and if you notice anything bizarre or unusual about the webpage, don't hesitate to let me know, we're just getting started!

IP Hosting is a very handy feature. If you ever wanted a static hostname, but have a dynamic IP, check this out! This is the only way for most people to get a static hostname, and is available to all! The price is right, no other options even come close!

If you're after a better url for your web page, check out our Web Host program! If will definately spruce up your web page's hostname, making it easier for clients to contact you, and friends to remember what to type to check out things! No outrageous fees, like providers would charge for the same service! We specialize in this, and deliver low cost prices to your door.

I don't know about you, but I've had more than one provider over the years. It can be really annoying to have to change email addresses, again and again, from provider to provider, especially if you are a business. Well, we can help! For $25/year (or $10/year with IP hosting or Web Host), we can forward all mail to where ever you want! If you have an email address with us like john@l8r.net, we can forward that to any place you want! Talk to us, and we can set something up!

I apologize for the lack of windows or macintosh clients for dynamic IP's, but they are on their way! ETA for the windows client in within the next 2 days, the mac client should follow shortly thereafter. (and, yes, they are coming ;)

NEWS : You can now logon using the webpage HERE making Dynamic Hosting platform independant. A client is coming for win32 still!

E-Mail support@L8R.net