Dynamic Hosting

A bit about a Webpage Host :

Most users on the internet have unusual or bizarre url's to get to their homepage. Sometimes this can be something like :


This can be annoying, to say the least. Its not easy to remember something like that, and certainly not easy to pass it out, or give it to friends. It can also make the small business owner look pathetic. Why not jazz that up a bit?

With a new Webpage Host from us, your url can be something like :


Wow! That's much better! You can have the name of your business, or theme, included in place of "myname"... anything you want, as long as it isn't already taken! We will also ensure, that if you change providers, you can maintain your contacts, your business url, for future use. We can remap it to any webpage you want, effortlessly, and more importantly, its invisible to your clients!

I can be reached at the address below, questions. This service is $25 CDN/year for individuals, and $50/year for businesses. We can also assist you in registering your OWN domain name, and mapping that to where ever you want! Ever wanted a snazzy hostname, like "IRule.Net", but your provider isn't cooperating? Well, we'll help you out, get you registered, and forward all requests wherever you want!
E-Mail support@L8R.net