Installer's Heaven Submission Rules!

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Recently I've had problems with people installing software in formats that aren't what I'm looking for, so I've decided to put together this page to give people an idea as to what I can use, and what I can't use.
1) All install disks must be in DMS format
2) Disks must contain NO copyright software! For example, programs on install disks like hard drive prep software, are ok, but programs that come with hardware, but are available seperately, aren't. An example of bad software, would be the DSS 8 audio software, since it can be purchased seperately, and can be used with other digitizers.
3) NAME THE ARCHIVE SOMETHING LOGICAL. I won't tell you how many disks I've had to delete, because someone called it Disk1.dms or something horrible like that. Call it something like GVP4008.dms.. use VENDOR.PRODUCT.VERSION.dms. Long names are ok. That's why we have the ability to use them! You can not always figure out what the disk is for from readme's and the software on the disk, and I won't even try anymore!


1) Submissions will ONLY be accepted in 8 bit Jpeg format
2) Do NOT have more than two pages in one scan! I realise that it is easier to scan two pages of a book at once, but there is no reason to do 4 or 8 pages joined together!
4) Pages must be named logically. eg gvp4008.page1.jpg or gvp4008.page1-2.jpg
5) Pictures should be a reasonable size for what you are scanning. I don't want to see pictures that are 2400X1200 pixels. I don't have unlimited hard drive space!

ALL SUBMISSIONS THAT DON'T FIT THE ABOVE WILL BE THROW TO /DEV/NULL! I feel I am doing enough work by checking out DMS archives for virii, and confirming things are really what they claim to be. I won't spend hours organizing other people's work!