When assessing Jsiv's maneuvers, one need not resort to vicious
name-calling or opprobrious epithets. One need only present the facts.
What follows is a set of observations I have made about the worst kinds
of fatuous viperine know-nothings I've ever seen. He sometimes uses
the word "intercommunicability" when describing his bait-and-switch
tactics. Beware! This is a buzzword designed for emotional response. If
we let him incite racial hatred, who's going to protect us? The
government? Our parents? Superman? Probably none of the above.
That's why it's important to give you some background information
about Jsiv. 

The struggle against crotchety hooligans must be a struggle against
collectivism, oligarchism, and pharisaism, or it is doomed to failure. He
says that obscurity, evasiveness, incomprehensibility, indirectness, and
ambiguity are marks of depth and brilliance. Yet he also wants to
deliver an additional blow to dignity and self-worth. Am I the only one
who sees the irony there? I ask, because at no time in the past did
petulant nonentities shamble through the streets of cities, demanding
rights they imagine some supernatural power has bestowed upon

I have a score to settle with Jsiv. Now that's a rather crude and
simplistic statement, and, in many cases, it may not even be literally
true. But there is a sense in which it is generally true, a sense in which it
doubtlessly expresses how if one believes statements like, "Courtesy
and manners don't count for anything," one is, in effect, supporting
what I call ghastly deadbeats. Something recently occurred to me that
might occur to Jsiv, as well, if he would just turn down the volume of
his voice for a moment: Jsiv might popularize a genre of music whose
graphic lyrics explicitly urge appalling crybabies to represent a threat
to all the people in the area, indeed, possibly the world, sooner than you
think. What are we to do then? Place blinders over our eyes and hope
we don't see the horrible outcome? 

I fear that, over time, his claims will be seen as uncontested fact,
because many people are afraid to condemn his hypocrisy. Some
readers may doubt that he is hate-filled enough to confuse the
catastrophic power of state fascism with the repression of an
authoritarian government in our minds. So let me provide some
evidence. But before I do, let me just say that it's astounding that he has
found a way to work the words "photochronographical" and
"philodestructiveness" into his allegations. However, you may find it
even more astounding that from secret-handshake societies meeting at
"the usual place" to back-door admissions committees, his adherents
have always found a way to create catchy, new terms for boring, old
issues. The bulk of foolish bullies are at least marginally tolerable, but
not Jsiv. But don't despair. Rather, take comfort in the knowledge that
the problem with him is not that he's clueless. It's that he wants to
create anomie. 

He decries or dismisses capitalism, technology, industrialization, and
systems of government borne of Enlightenment ideas about the dignity
and freedom of human beings. These are the things that Jsiv fears,
because they are wedded to individual initiative and responsibility.
Something that I have heard repeated several times from various
sources -- a sort of "tag line" for Jsiv -- is, "We should go out and
worsen an already unstable situation. And when we're done with that,
we'll all disparage and ridicule our traditional heroes and role models."
This is not a direct quote, nor have I heard it from Jsiv's lips directly,
but several sources have paraphrased the content to me in
near-enough ways that I feel fairly confident it actually was said. And
to be honest, I have no trouble believing it. 

I don't want to overstate this point, but in order to solve the big
problems with him, we must first understand these problems, and to
understand them, we must reveal the constant tension between
centripetal and centrifugal forces of dialogized heteroglossia resulting
from his press releases. Does he actually think his arguments through,
or does he just chug along on his computer writing about whatever
trite philosophies happen to suit his needs that day? I ask, because
we've all heard him yammer and whine about how he's being
scapegoated again, the poor dear. Wanting to dominate or intimidate
others is one thing, but why would anybody possibly want to exploit
other cultures for self-entertainment? I once asked Jsiv that question
-- I am still waiting for an answer. In the meantime, let me point out
that Jsiv's unprincipled expedients provide cold-blooded conspiracies
with the necessary asylum to take root and spread. News of this
deviousness must spread like wildfire if we are ever to end his control
over the minds and souls of countless people. All I can tell you is what
matters to me: If he wants to complain, he should have an argument.
He shouldn't just throw out the word "poluphloisboiotatotic", for
example, and expect us to be scared. 

As I remove the veil of ignorance I have lived behind, I find that Jsiv
has never gotten ahead because of his hard work or innovative ideas.
Rather, all of Jsiv's successes are due to kickbacks, bribes, black
market double-dealing, outright thuggery, and unsavory political
intrigue. Once you understand his contrivances, you have a
responsibility to do something about them. To know, to understand,
and not to act, is an egregious sin of omission. It is the sin of silence. It is
the sin of letting Jsiv undermine liberty in the name of liberty. 

He has a natural talent for complaining. He can find any aspect of life
and whine about it for hours upon hours. Jsiv has two imperatives.
The first is to equip the most illiterate creeps I've ever seen with flame
throwers, hand grenades, and heat-seeking missiles. The second
imperative is to instill a general ennui. 

I should add parenthetically that there is a simple answer to the
question of what to do about his subliminal psywar campaigns. The
difficult part is in implementing the answer. The answer is that we
must do what comes naturally. Jsiv's screeds are geared toward the
continuation of social stratification under the rubric of "tradition."
Funny, that was the same term that his factotums once used to
undermine serious institutional and economic analyses and replace
them with a diverting soap opera of quasi-testy conspiracies. 

We find among narrow and uneducated minds the belief that we
should all bear the brunt of Jsiv's actions. This belief is due to a basic
confusion, which can be cleared up simply by stating that a person who
wants to get ahead should try to understand the long-range
consequences of his/her slurs. Jsiv has never had that faculty. He
always does what he wants to do at the moment and figures he'll be
able to lie himself out of any problems that arise. His hijinks express
themselves in thousandfold manifestations, with one of Jsiv's
bedfellows in despair and hopelessness, with another in ill will, anger,
and indignation, with these uninformed hopeless calumniators in
indifference, and with those in furious excesses. What is often
overlooked, however, is that if one dares to criticize even a single tenet
of Jsiv's campaigns, one is promptly condemned as pernicious,
twisted, feeble-minded, or whatever epithet Jsiv deems most
appropriate, usually without much explanation. Okay, there's no
reason for me to be macabre, so I'll leave you with this concept: Jsiv's
message is apparently that he is a perpetual victim of injustice.