Commodore A2058 RAM Expansion

The Commodore A2058 is a Zorro II 16-bit card that will configure its memory within the 8 meg AutoConfig (TM) space.

The board can be populated with either 2, 4 or 8 meg of RAM using 1 Megabit by 1 DRAMs, 120ns or faster.

J1         J2         Memory Size    Locations
Closed     Closed     2 Meg          Surface mounted
Closed     Open       4 Meg          U16-U30 (every other one) and U55-U62
Open       Open       8 Meg          All locations
Open       Closed     *

* When the 2058's auto-config hardware is disabled, the board can be automatically configured independantly of the Amiga OS. This is a board diagnostic mode only.