Commodore A2232 7-Port Serial Card

Technical Specifications:
The A2232 Multiport Serial Card is an internal expansion card for the Amiga 2000 series computers. The A2232 provides the Amiga with seven additional RS232C compatible serial ports, each capable of standard serial transfer speeds ranging from 50 to 19200 baud. The A2232 has it's own 65CE02 microprocessor, operating at 3.58MHz, which controls the I//O and leaves the Amiga free for other tasks. Up to 5 A2232 Multiport Serial Cards may be installed in a single Amiga 2000/3000T.

serial.device unit numbers

Unit 0   default port
Unit 1   Amiga's built in port
Unit 2   Card Connector 1
Unit 3   Card Connector 2
Unit 4   Card Connector 3
Unit 5   Card Connector 4
Unit 6   Card Connector 5
Unit 7	 Card Connector 6
Unit 8   Card Connector 7
If 2 A2232 cards are installed, the second cards unit numbers are 9 through 15. If a third A2232 is installed, the unit numbers are 16 through 22, and so on. Jumpers:

The A2232 card has a set of jumper pins for each serial port. These jumpers allow you to change the pins that the Transmit Data (TxD) and Receive Data (RxD) signals appear on. The card comes with these pins set to transmit the data on DB25 pin 2, and to receive the data on DB25 pin 3. This setting is illustrated below.

Though the signal swapping should normally be done inthe cable, you ca alternatively swap these two signals via the jumpers. To set up a particlar A2232 port to transmit data on DB25 pin 3, and receive the data on DB25 pin 2, the jumpers should be set according to jumper set 1.

To change the jumpers from the original setting, locate the four sets ofpins that correspond to the selected serial port. From the bottom edge of the card, the first four sets of pins correspond to the first port, the second to the second port, and so on.

Looking at the socket face:
 6 7 8
3  4  5
  1 2
1  TxD Transfer Data      6 Gnd  Ground
2  RXD Receive Data       7 DCD  Data Carrier Detect
3  RTS Request To Send    8 DTR  Data Terminal Ready
4  CTS Clear To Send
5  DSR Data Set Ready