Commodore A3630 and A3640 Jumper Settings


Function:            Jumper:    Setting:   Description:
Enable *CDIS *MDIS   J100:1-2   X-X X X    Enable CDIS* MDIS*
                     J100:3-4   X X X-X    Enable CDIS* MDIS*
                                          (close both sets of jumpers)
Enable MAPROM        J400:1-2   X-X X      MAPROM Enabled
                     J400:2-3   X X-X      MAPROM Disabled
Test                 TJ100:1-2  X-X        Test jumper


Function: Jumper: Setting: Description: FPU Select PLCC/PGA J100:1-2 X-X X Use FPU in PLCC location J100:2-3 X X-X Use FPU in PGA location FPU Clock J100:1-2 X-X X Use optional on-board oscillator (U103) J100:2-3 X X-X Use CPU clock MAPROM Enable J103:1-3 X-X X MAPROM Enabled J103:2-3 X X-X MAPROM Disabled 68020 Selected J201:1-2 X-X X 68020 Not Selected J201:2-3 X X-X 68020 Selected 68030 Selected J202:1-2 X-X X 68030 Selected J202:2-3 X X-X 68030 Not Selected 020/030 Select J203:1-2 X-X X 68030 Selected J203:2-3 X X-X 68020 Selected