Commodore A2091 SCSI Interface

                      DIP Switch Settings
Switch 1    off Disables Autoboot ROMs  Kickstart 1.2
            on  Enables  Autoboot ROMs  Kickstart 1.3
Switch 2    off LUN disabled            One drive at each address.
            on  LUN enabled             Multiple drives at each address.
Switch 3    off Time-out disabled       Short wait period for drive.
                                        Parity checking enabled.
            on  Time-out enabled        Long wait period for drive.
                                        Parity checking disabled on
                                        message-in phase.
Switch 4        Reserved for future enhancements.
Note: Parity checking is not supported on some Seagate drives. With these
      drives set the switch to the on position.
                       Jumper Settings
Jumper            Setting              Notes
JP1             1.Amnesia           RAM memory installed
                2.512K              on the A590 board.
JP3             1.XT drive          Sets LED for XT or
                2.SCSI drive        SCSI drive.
JP4             1.Interrupt 2       Interupt level
                2.Interrupt 6       Not user adjustable.
25-pin External SCSI Connector
50-pin Internal SCSI Connector