Product: CSA Derringer 68030@50MHz with FPU and MMU Requirements: Amiga 500 or 2000, WB 1.3

Fits in A500 and A2000 computers, plugs into 68000 socket. 68000 CPU optionally plugs into Derringer for compatibility.

Supports industry standard 72-pin SIMMs in 1,2,4,8,16 or 32MB sizes. EDO SIMMs can be used, though it makes no difference.

Has on-board hardware to remap kickstart into 32-bit RAM, freeing the MMU for other uses. Other system code and vectors can also be copied into 32-RAM area.

Installation is fairly simple. Unplug the 68000 CPU from its socket, plug it into the Derringer, and then plug the Derringer into the 68000 socket. The Derringer I got had taller pins than normal so that it would sit above my MegaChip (whew!). If you need to, extra sockets can be stacked to allow the space required. The fit is tight, with the Derringer fitting snugly between the MegaChip and Drive bay frame.

A line needs to be added to the Startup-Sequence right after SetPatch with the 'D3' program to test and allocate the RAM, as well as relocate Kickstart and system vectors.

Problems: I found the hardware kickstart relocate to be buggy on my OS3.1 system (frequent crashes). Using the C:CPU program to relocate Kickstart via the MMU worked much better. VirusZ also does not like the rearranged memory pointers :-)

Jumper settings: There are 2 user jumpers available, JP2 and JP3. JP2 selects the CPU mode on next boot. On selects the 68000, off selects the 68030. A switch can be installed on this jumper block for external control. JP3 selects the E-Clock source. If you decide not to install the 68000 into the Derringer, this jumper must be installed, else it is open.