Spirit A1000 INSIDER RAM Expansion Installation
Read all of these instructions carefully BEFORE attempting to do the installation.


GROUND YOURSELF! Touch the metal on a power bar, or a waterpipe, or something large and metal nearby.

  1. Turn the machine upside down.
  2. Undo the screws from the bottom.
  3. Turn the machine right-side up.
  4. Remove the cover.
  5. Undo all the screws holding down the metal RF shield.
  6. Don't forget all the ones along the back around the ports.
  7. Remove the RF shield.
  8. Locate the 68000 on the right side of the machine, behind the disk drive.
  9. Pry this chip out GENTLY with a small flathead screwdriver.
  10. Place the 68000 chip on to the socket on the Spirit board. NOTE THE CHIP ORIENTATION! Make sure the notches on the end of the chips and the socket line up!
  11. Make sure all the pins are in the sockets.
  12. Install the Spirit board into the A1000. Plug it into the 68000 socket on the motherboard. Again, make sure all the pins go in. BE CAREFUL.
  13. Locate the Kickstart daughterboard.
  14. Find the chip labelled P.
  15. On the right side of chip P there will be a row of 10 pins from the back to the front of the machine. Count down 3 pins. Put the clip labelled J2 here.
  16. The next pin down (4 pins down from the back of the machine) put the clip labelled J1 here.
  17. Recheck that all the pins are in their sockets for the 68000 and the Spirit board.
  18. Plug the monitor and the power cable in to test if the machine comes on.
  19. If so, go about reassembling the machine and test out your new memory.
  20. Enjoy.