Amiga Install Disks Galore!

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  • a2232.dms Commodore's 8 port serial card
  • a2232tuning.lha Tune that 2232 serial card up!
  • amigalink.DMS Amigalink by AmiTrix
  • GVPIO.DMS GVP I/O Extender
  • gvpio1.dms Newer GVP I/O Extender Software?
  • icard-install.DMS PCIMCA ethernet by Interworks for a1200
  • multifaceIII.DMS Multiface III card by AlphaData
  • whippet.DMS Whippet PCIMCA serial for a1200 by HiSoft
  • suprazi.dms Zorro Based 2400 baud modem by supra
  • aedatalink.dms Another internal zorro based modem
  • PhonePak2.5.DMS GVP Phonepak message center
  • PhonePakMessages1.DMS GVP Phonepak message center
  • PhonePakMessages2.DMS GVP Phonepak message center
  • A4066.dms 4066 ethernet card
  • asdgserial.dms ASDG dual serial board
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