Amiga 3000 Desktop Technical Information

 1.4   or the 'Boot ROMs' looked for a file called devs:kickstart to boot up
 2.04  available in ROM and as a kickstart file. All 3000's were to come with
       either one of these.
 3.1   This is available as an upgrade
 ROM chips are a pair of 40 pin DIPs.
 68030 at 25MHz  or
 68030 at 16MHz
 68882 at 25MHz
 68881 at 16MHz for 16MHz machine
 Denise - 8373 SuperDenise
 Paula  - Standard Paula
 Agnus  - 8372B Agnus for 2 meg CHIP RAM
 Gary   - Fat Gary
 Amber  - De-interlacing chip to provide 31KHz video
 Buster - SuperBuster -07, -09 and -11
 DMAC   - SuperDMAC -02, -04
 Ramsey - Ramsey -04 and -07
 CHIP RAM Uses 44256 DRAM DIPs for up to 2 megabytes
 FAST RAM uses 1x4 Static Column OR Page Mode ZIP DRAM for up to 16 Megabytes
 FAST RAM uses 256x4 Static Column OR Page Mode ZIP DRAM up to 4 Megabytes
 FAST RAM uses 44256 DRAM DIPs for 1 Megabyte of FAST RAM. May not be used
          in conjuction with ZIPs.
For more information on 3000 RAM expansion, click here.
 15KHz Video
 31KHz Video
 External Disk drive
 Parallel Port
 External SCSI Connector
 Serial Port
 Mouse/Joystick ports
 5-pin DIN Keyboard Port
 Left and Right RCA Audio
 1  Video Slot In line with ZorroIII slot
 1  xxx pin CPU slot
 4  ZorroII/III 16/32-bit Expansion slots
 2  16-bit ISA slots (for use with BridgeBoard Devices) inline with ZorroIII slots
 7.x  Used a ROM tower to hold the ROMs
 9.x  Eliminated use of a ROM tower
      Also has labels on the motherboard for jumpers
3000 Motherboard
3000 Backplane

Amiga 3000 Jumper Settings
50-pin SCSI Connector
Amiga 3000 RAM Expansion Settings