Amiga 25-pin Serial Port

Pins 9 and 10 are used for external power on the Amiga. Connect these pins ONLY if the device you are using requires power.

The Commodore A2232 does not pass the 12V, or Audio lines.

Pin      Amiga      RS232    Description
 1       SHIELD     GND      SHIELD
 2       TxD        TxD      Transmit Data
 3       RxD        RxD      Receive Data
 4       RTS        RTS      Request To Send
 5       CTS        CTS      Clear To Send
 6       DSR        DSR      Data Set Ready
 7       GND        GND      Ground
 8       DCD        DCD      Carrier Detect
 9       +12V                +12V Carrier
10       -12V                -12V Carrier
11       AUDO                Audio Out Of Amiga
12                  S.SD     Speed Indicate
13                  S.CTS
14                  S.TXD
15                  TXC
16                  S.RXD
17                  RXD
18       AUDI                Audio Into Amiga
19                  S.RTS
20       DTR        DTR      Data Terminal Ready
21                  SQD
22       RI         RI       Ring Indicate
23                  SS
24                  TXC1
Please note, A1000 has -14VDC on pin 14, +5VDC on pin 21, and +12VDC on pin 23.