#AmigaCafe - The Friendly Amiga Channel!

#AmigaCafe - The Friendly Amiga Channel!

#AmigaCafe is an IRC channel on the Undernet. It is quite possibly the most friendly channel on all of IRC. Nine other people and I are govs there and try our best to keep the channel under control. :)

To get to the #AmigaCafe, use your favorite IRC program (mine is AmIRC) and type:

1. /server us.undernet.org

2. /join #AmigaCafe

Don't be afraid to let it be known that you are a newbie...everyone in the cafe is quite friendly and will help you out in any way they can. You will not be kicked in #AmigaCafe for being a newbie, unlike some other channels that will remain nameless!

Links to my #AmigaCafe Friends' Homepages:

Also, take a look at the Official #AmigaCafe logo!

Also, take a look at the #AmigaCafe Graphics Homepage!

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