Amiga Technical References

NOTE : the below has been mirrored from National Amiga. Its mainly here in case anything happens to their backups, they cease to provide this service, or who knows what. Since I plan to keep it online for the next 50 years, I think the info here will outlive them.. but who knows ;)

Thanks given to the Way Back Machine, some of the info mirrored here would have been lost forever without their help.

Welcome to our technical information page. Main reason this is here is because we see a lot of frequently asked questions in various newsgroups regarding simple things such as pinouts for monitors, disk drive ports etc..

Well, we have a lot of that information and we want to be able to share it with you, the dedicated Amiga user.

If there is something you do not see on this page that you want added, let us know.
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* National Amiga or ARCH Tech take NO responsibility what-so-ever for the damage, failure or injury that may occur from these references. In most cases they are typed right out of the manuals.

If you are going to be using the information from these pages in something of your own, we respectfully request that you credit the original author and where you found it. If it were not for them, it wouldn't be here. Everything was typed in by Greg Scott unless otherwise mentioned.

Amiga Computer Models:
  Amiga 1000, The Original
  Amiga 500, Most common
  Amiga 2000, 2000HD, 2500, 2500UX
  Amiga 3000 Desktop
  Amiga 3000T
  Amiga 1200
  Amiga 4000 Desktop

  Commodore 1084, 1084S (original) Monitor Specs and Pinouts
  Commodore 1084d and 1084dS Monitor Specs and Pinouts

How To:
  How To Use CrossDOS on Your Amiga
  Amiga 3000 RAM Setup and Configurations
  Installation of 1 Meg Agnus in Amiga 500 and 2000.
  Spirit A1000 INSIDER RAM Installation
  How to set up and use a 3640 in a 3000. As well as some handy information on 3000 motherboards and chips.
  Installation of Kickstart 2.04 ROM Into A2000 an A500
  Setting up floppy drives on an Amiga 2/3/4000

  DPS TBC 4 Connections
  Amiga 500/600/1200/2000/3000D/3000T Power Connectors
  Amiga 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, CD32 Keyboard Pinouts
  Internal and External Disk Drive Connectors
  Mouse/Joystick Ports
  Amiga 25-pin Serial Port
  DB9 Serial Port
  Amiga 25-pin Parallel Port
  DB15 VGA Connector Pinout
  DB23 Amiga Video Pinout
  DB9 VGA Port Pinout
  A1000 RF Modulator Port
  25-pin External SCSI Connector Pin Out
  50-pin Internal SCSI Connector Pin Out
  IDE Interface Pinout Thanks to Jonathan Ness
  2.5" SCSI Connector
  Standard 4-Pin Peripheral Power Connector
  GVP IO Extender 2nd Serial Port Pinouts Thanks to Ralph Babel
  Epson Parallel Scanner Cable Pinouts

  Amiga 2000 CPU Slot Pinout
  Amiga 1200 CPU Slot Pinout
  Zorro II and Zorro III Pinouts
  Amiga 2000, 3000, 4000 Video Slot Pinout
  CD32 Expansion Slot Pinout

Card Jumper Settings and Specs:
  Warp Engine 040 Jumper Settings Thanks to Holger Hofmann
  CSA Derringer Information Thanks to Brent B. McCrackin
  Utilities Unlimited Kickstart Switcher Instructions
  Amiga 2000 Jumper Settings
  Amiga 3000/3000T Jumper Settings From Neil Brewitt
  Amiga 4000 Desktop Jumper Settings
  Commodore A2091 SCSI Interface
  Commodore A2058 RAM Expansion
  Commodore A590 DIP Switch and Jumper Settings Thanks to Jim MacNab
  Commodore A2232 7-Port Serial Card
  Commodore A3630/3640 CPU Card Settings
  Commodore A2065 Ethernet Specs and Jumper Settings
  Commodore A2630 Accelerator Card Thanks to Sketch
  Commodore A3070 Tape Drive Switch Settings Thanks to Robert Reiswig and Michael B. Smith
  Commodore 4091 SCSI Interface Thanks to Adam Hough
  Commodore 2088/2286/2386SX Bridgeboard Settings and Specs Thanks to Kane Peterson /
  M-Tec 68020i A500 Accelerator
  Supra 500XP SCSI Interface for A500 Settings
  SupraRAM 2000 Specs and Settings
  GVP Spectrum Graphics Card
  GVP G-Force Combo 030 25, 40 and 50Mhz Jumper Settings
  GVP G-Force 040 A2000 Jumper Settings Thanks to Ashiq
  GVP A530 Turbo Information and Jumper Settings
  GVP 22MHz 68030 Accelerator Jumper Settings
  GVP A3001 Accelerator Jumper Settings
  GVP SeriesII and 4008 SCSI Interface Jumper Settings
  GVP A500 HD8+ Series
  Apollo 1240/1260 Jumper Settings
  CyberStorm MkII 040/060 SCSI Usage Thanks to Patrick Ernst

Frequently Asked Questions:
NOTE: The following was mirrored from
  A4000 Hardware Guide
  IFAQ (Irritating Frequently Asked Questions) From Warren R. Block
  Amiga 1200 Hardware FAQ Thanks to Warren R. Block
  SCSI Examples Thanks to Warren R. Block

General Reference:
  How To Use Hard-Drives Larger Than 4.2 GIG On Your Amiga Thanks to dhomas trenn
  SCSI Examples Thanks to Warren R. Block
  Amiga Custom Chip Reference - Thanks to Robert Reiswig
  List of AutoConfig Cards and Their Numbers Thanks to Christian Stich
  Very handy list of definitions for Ethernet Networking
  Amiga Device Driver Names for many different hard-drive interfaces
  CDTV Technical Information and Hacks Thanks to Darren Ewaniuk
  Amiga System Startup Colours and Keyboard Blinks-Thanks to Oleg and stuff
  Essential Amiga Programmers Information Thanks to John Webb.